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    4 Strategies to Put You More at Ease

    4 Strategies to Put You More at Ease

    These days I’m seeing more and more signs of stress in my patients - things such as cracked & worn down teeth that come from clenching and grinding; exposed roots and recession from brushing too hard; bleeding gums from stress and diet.

    Along with taking your daily dose of CBD, here are some lifestyle tips that can help improve your overall health:

    1. Drink green tea. Routine intake of green tea also blocks the body’s inflammatory response to oral bacteria.

    2. Meditate daily. This “transcendental” meditation has been shown to reduce depressive symptoms by at least 48%.

    3. Drink lots of water. Drinking 5 or more 8 ounce glasses of water can help lower your risk of a heart attack by 60%!

    4. Smile more. Research has shown that happier people live longer lives. Smiling can affect your body like true happiness.

    Let me know how this helps you.

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